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Large-scale Solar Association

The Large-scale Solar Association (LSA) is a non-partisan, solar advocacy association whose purpose is to support market penetration of utility-scale solar technologies through appropriate policy mechanisms. Member companies in the LSA represent leaders in the utility-scale solar industry, and share a common understanding of and concern in the issues facing development of the solar industry.

LSA Policy

LSA works with its member companies to represent the utility-scale industry in important policy discussions, furthering support for large-scale solar development. Key policy areas of focus include:

  • Transmission reform and expansion
  • Rational and environmentally sound land-use
  • Progressive pricing and tax policies
  • Progressive utility procurement policies
  • Recognition of the societal value and economic benefits of climate mitigation policies

LSA Profile

LSA represents multiple technologies, including utility-scale photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. LSA companies are leaders in the industry, developing technology and strengthening markets to facilitate significant penetration of renewable energy into the western U.S. power sector. LSA is actively involved in California, Nevada, and Arizona, as well as regional and federal venues when appropriate. We collaborate to ensure the appropriate policy pathways are in place to support climate-friendly solar development. Other states where LSA is involved include Texas, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.